Patio Cleaner – Karcher K3.575 Jubilee

Technical Information

  • Water-cooled induction motor - Provides  enhanced performance and longer life
  • Plug & Clean detergent system – for quick detergent changes – save time and effort
  • Quick Connect hose system – to eliminate kinking and reduce set up times – very useful design feature
  • Water inlet filter – to prevent dirt particles from damaging the pump
  • N-Cor pump – light, quiet and corrosion resistant

Patio Cleaner -Karcher K3. 575 Jubilee

The K3. 575 was deigned with the consumer in mind, this highly advanced pressure washer comes with a unique water – cooled induction motor thus providing top performance and longer life to the machine – this is a powerful and energy efficient machine.
With most machines in the sector the detergent change process can be a bit daunting – not so with this machine as convenience is provided here by the new Plug & Clean system. It also boasts a new Quick Connect release on either end of the hose – this helps prevent kinks and greatly improves on set up time for the machine.
The plastic used in building this machine is impact resistant and recyclable – this stops unwanted dirt particles from damaging the motor and three – piston axial-flow pump. It also includes a safety valve that prevents pressure overload. Pressing and releasing  the atractively designed trigger gun causes the pressure switch control switches the motor on and off. So what can you use this for – well its pretty good as a Patio Cleaner as well as being effective in cleaning large vehicles, decking, motorbikes, stonewalls, barbecues as well as roof cleaning.


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Karcher K2.300 T50 Patio Cleaner

Technical Information

      • Large cable hook and on-board accessory storage - Provides a neat storage Feature
      • Upright construction, wheels and a higher ergonomic handle ensure ease of use and superb mobility
      • Water inlet filter – helps to prevent unwanted dirt particles from damaging the pump
      • Fully mobile – Easy transportation and maximum mobility
      • N-Cor pump – light, quiet and corrosion resistant. Safety valve prevents pressure overload.

Karcher K2.300 T50 Patio Cleaner Description

The K2.300 is very powerful and is an effective Patio Cleaner. It can also be used for cleaning garden furniture and tools as well as bicycles and cars.

As a Karcher product its design is  very strong with the upright construction, its robust wheels and higher handles providing for greater mobility. Its casing is made out of impact resistant and recyclable plastics and prevents unwanted dirt from damaging the motor and pump. It also includes a safety valve that prevents pressure overload.

When the aerodynamically designed trigger gun is pressed and released it causes a pressure switch control to switch the motor on and off.

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Patio Cleaners – Karcher T300 T-Racer

The T300 Patio Cleaner provides a splash free  cleaning solution for patios and decks. Its unique design features ensures that cleaning time can be reduced by upto 5 times as well as reducing the amount of water used.

The two rotating flat jet nozzles provides increased power. The handle design means that those often tough to clean vertical surfaces like garage doors and stone walls can be easily cleaned. The new protective grate means that you can now tackle those area that some Patio Cleaners may struggle with – Japanese gardens and graveled surfaces. Can be used with all  Karcher Pressure Washers.


Nilfisk C120 3-6 PC

The Nilfisk C120 3-6 PC is a very effective Patio Cleaner, as a high performance pressure washer it makes it easy and enjoyable work cleaning patios, garden furniture and cars.

Nilfisk has designed this machine with its own accessory storage thus ensuring that all nozzels and accessories can be stored neatly in one place. With a maximum water flow rate of 520 litres per hour and its powerful aluminium pump providing 120max bar pressure – this is a powerful machine.

Some of the things the machine comes with include Vario and high power Powerspeed nozzles,soft grip gun and lance with swivel cleaning function,chemical dosing bottle with foam applicator, Patio cleaner and 6 metre hose.


Patio Cleaner – Nilfisk C110 3-5 PC X-Tra

Compact and light weight the Nilfisk C110 3-5 PC Xtra produces high performance Patio Cleaning. It is also excellent for cleaning things around the home and garden.

With the Characteristic Nilfisk Trolley, it has excellent mobility and onboard storage for accessories like the nozzles all of which can be neatly tidied away. With its aluminium pump providing 110 max bar pressure and a maximum water flow rate of 440 litres per hour this is still a powerful machine

The machine comes complete with Vario and high power powerspeed nozzles and chemical dosing bottle with foam applicator and patio cleaner.

Which Pressure Washer / Patio Cleaner

When choosing a Patio Cleaner it is important that you are clear in the type of job you want the Patio Cleaner to do. There are a range of exciting New Pressure Washers that have been designed to be used as Patio Cleaners. This site will review the best selling Patio Cleaners.

Depending on the type of patio you have it is really important that you put in place an apropriate cleaning regiem to ensure that your Patio is looking as new regardless of how long ago you had the patio laid.

There are two main forms of treatment for Patios – Chemical Treatments or Pressure Washers. There are a range of DIY products in the two categories above that one can use – You also have the option of getting professional cleaners in to do the work for you.

Pressure Washers 

These are very effective at cleaning patios. There are a number of leading brands like Karcher and Nilfisk  and the range of products are very exciting. It is important to ensure that the which ever Brand you choose that your are happy with the design and functionality of the product. Check through this site for some of the Best sellers in the Sector


Chemical Patio Cleaners 

Again there are a range of DIY solutions here – ranging from those that you apply and leave for a few hours and then scrub off with a little bit of muscle or using a Pressure Washer – to those that you apply and leave and really forget as they will work on any dirt / weeds etc and after a few days all you need to do is sweep off any residue and your patio is back to its shining glory.